Champion of Good

Campaigns for your nonprofit C3 and C4 fundraising & advocacy efforts.


Drive2Vote with Warren Buffett

Warren will drive at least 10 people to the polls this year to encourage others to do more than just vote. We launched his campaign in 72 hours.

PPGiveDay featuring Vivian Zwick

This campaign raised over $100,000 for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri on Give STL Day. We nearly double the previous year’s efforts!

Help Make College Possible fundraising campaign for Omaha Gives Day.

College Possible began building excitement with our video marketing campaign leading up to Omaha Gives. In one day they blew up their goal of $20,000 by raising over $44,000.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

The Campaign that started it all raised over $94,000 for an Omaha C4 in less than 4 weeks.

About Us

Advokatie is the brainchild of Katie Weitz and Joseph Frost. Its mission is to solve the problems many nonprofits have fundraising in a digital age. Advokatie integrates video with traditional mailers, email marketing, and social media to drive results that matter.

It’s first project (appropriately launching on Katie’s birthday) raised almost $100,000 for a regional 501c4. Its subsequent projects have raised significant funds for various 501c3s and raised awareness for nonpartisan political issues.