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We’re asking you to be one of 100 donors to support the D2 Center during Omaha Gives!

To help youth in our area find new directions and educational pathways to a high school diploma, we want to raise funds during Omaha Gives! so we can provide our free services to even more young people. Learn more about what we do in the videos below.

What We Do


The mission of the D2 Center is to connect out-of-school and disengaged youth ages 15-21 into an educational pathway with other resources and supports needed to earn a high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary opportunities and a career.

We Do This Through

Customized Individual Support —

Based on best practices from national models and research, we help students develop a plan for academic success including credit attainment, youth advocacy, and multiple pathways to earn a high school diploma. Each student is assigned an adult with a college degree who builds a relationship with the youth as a role model, case manager, and problem solver with a strong focus on school attendance and earning credits.

Classes —

We offer elective credit classes for students who need alternative ways to earn high school credits. Tutoring is also available.

Careers and Community Engagement Program —

We take students through activities that help identify career interests, strengths, and post-secondary opportunities.

How You Can Help

1. Make a Plan to Donate

Please consider supporting the D2 Center during Omaha Gives! so we can help even more young people earn a high school diploma and set a direction for their future. If we can get 100 unique donors to contribute, we may be eligible for additional funding!

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will make a difference. Click here to schedule your donation right now or mark your calendar to donate during Omaha Gives! on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

2. Spread the Word

Let others know you are planning to donate by sharing this page so they can learn more about the D2 Center and our services.

Help us get 100 so we can graduate to the next level of service in the Omaha community. Thanks for your support!